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Ettiene & Nicole Tie the Knot

Brett, a fellow photographer, called me up while ago and in one of our ‘hold on, let me get off the floor from laughing so much’ moments, he schneakily said – you are so gonna shoot my friends wedding – I’m the best man….  Low and behold – Brett’s friend Ettiene called me up a few weeks later and said – Brett said you will be shooting my wedding …  and boy – am I glad I did….  What an amazing couple – Nicole – your giggles, your free spirited nature and your beauty, both in and out….   Thank you for being, just awesome… Ett – a man of few words with a heart of  gold….  the love you have for Nicole shines in your eyes…

A special thanks to Richard Townsend for the giggles – oh and for all your help

Brett10th Mar 2014 - 19:05

Tip top ma’am !!:)

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