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Little Chaye

What a little precious cherub…  Cheryl and I met whilst preparing for her eldest daughters sweet 16 birthday party happening in September ….  When she told me she has just had a little girl, I suggested we do a little photo session with little Chaye…  Here she is at just under one month…

FNB bid farewell to Michael Jordaan

FNB at their themed annual awards function also bid farewell to CEO Michael Jordaan.   Needless to say, their event was a good one….  It was good to see Arno Carstens in action again…  Here’s a snippet of the wonderful outfits – no guessing what the theme was for this year….

Caught on camera @ the Vodacom Conference

When my brief came through from ZooM to photograph the Vodacom Retail Experience Conference at Vodaworld the other day….  I couldn’t  stop myself from jumping up and down with pure joy….  The brief:  Get people yawning, sleeping, doodling, looking bored etc….  Well the crowd did not disappoint …  here’s a look at what I see on conference….  This time….  What happens on conference does NOT stay on conference 🙂

DEFY Launches their new appliance range

OOOOOO – and I am so in the market for a new kitchen…  I was ecstatic when I got to see DEFY’s new product range a few weeks ago….  I’ve got serious itchy feet and the bees are buzzing in my bonnet for a new kitchen…  Yip – I feel a mid-life crises on it’s way… Picture this – new floors, new gas stove, new fridge – new, new, new – everything…..


Well Done to FNB Home Loans

So, when my job card came in from ZooM I was delighted to see….  wait for it –   YAY…..  FNB – This time, the Home Loans Department…  I normally shoot the big cheeses from FNB and it was such a nice change to get down and party with Home Loans.  Well done to this department for reaching targets way before deadline…It was nice to shoot the Graeme Watkins band again and an absolute honour have DJ Sbu in the house

Tashie turns 21

Natasha hails from Namibia – my birth place….  and is now studying in Jozi….  Her parents and sister flew in to celebrate her 21st in Moulin Rouge style.  Well done to the girls….  a great party…  here is a sneak peek….

Waiting for Little Miss Nia

After setting and re-setting dates to photograph Asanda’s Maternity … Asanda called me last week to say – best we do the shoot on Tuesday as My Little Princess is arriving on Wednesday….. We decided to go for the classic black and white – and we all know how much I LOVE black and White.  I must say, looking at some of the images, I just had to sneak in one or two colour pix….  Asanda was glowing…. little Nia’s daddy came along too and we captured some beautiful moments…. I’ll be meeting little Nia this week….  YAY!


Nothing like an Aunty’s Love

Lara and I meet each other at the gym a couple of times a week (well, when I can get my butt outta bed)….  When Lara said she had taken the day off to spend a day with her brother and nephews – I suggested they pop into the studio for a little 15 min photo shoot… Little 3 year old Graeme was not so keen on Aunty DD shoving a camera in his face and it took a lot of convincing … Justin, on the hand – couldn’t get enough of Aunty DD’s camera – a natural in front of the lens….  Thanks Aunty Lara for a fab 15 mins


Liberty does it again!

One of my favourite ZooM clients has to be Liberty….  Capturing their product launch over the past 2 days has been a laugh a minute…  With well known comedians with no rehearsed sets, all working impromptu made for some interesting laughs.  Well done to the production team in putting this together.

It’s a Girl!

Johan called me up the other day and said that he needed a ‘play’ mate for a baby shower he had lined up…  So – I gladly went along and boy, did I play….  The theme was High Tea… so I pulled out the Macro lens and had some fun with the dainty decor…  Mechelle – you did a fantastic job…

All the best to Asanda (our mom to be) and a big thank you to Sam for inviting me into your beautiful home….  Oh and thanks a million for the Magwenya, freshly made and delivered from Soweto… OMG! DEVINE!