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Tashie turns 21

Natasha hails from Namibia – my birth place….  and is now studying in Jozi….  Her parents and sister flew in to celebrate her 21st in Moulin Rouge style.  Well done to the girls….  a great party…  here is a sneak peek….

Waiting for Little Miss Nia

After setting and re-setting dates to photograph Asanda’s Maternity … Asanda called me last week to say – best we do the shoot on Tuesday as My Little Princess is arriving on Wednesday….. We decided to go for the classic black and white – and we all know how much I LOVE black and White.  I must say, looking at some of the images, I just had to sneak in one or two colour pix….  Asanda was glowing…. little Nia’s daddy came along too and we captured some beautiful moments…. I’ll be meeting little Nia this week….  YAY!


Nothing like an Aunty’s Love

Lara and I meet each other at the gym a couple of times a week (well, when I can get my butt outta bed)….  When Lara said she had taken the day off to spend a day with her brother and nephews – I suggested they pop into the studio for a little 15 min photo shoot… Little 3 year old Graeme was not so keen on Aunty DD shoving a camera in his face and it took a lot of convincing … Justin, on the hand – couldn’t get enough of Aunty DD’s camera – a natural in front of the lens….  Thanks Aunty Lara for a fab 15 mins


Liberty does it again!

One of my favourite ZooM clients has to be Liberty….  Capturing their product launch over the past 2 days has been a laugh a minute…  With well known comedians with no rehearsed sets, all working impromptu made for some interesting laughs.  Well done to the production team in putting this together.

It’s a Girl!

Johan called me up the other day and said that he needed a ‘play’ mate for a baby shower he had lined up…  So – I gladly went along and boy, did I play….  The theme was High Tea… so I pulled out the Macro lens and had some fun with the dainty decor…  Mechelle – you did a fantastic job…

All the best to Asanda (our mom to be) and a big thank you to Sam for inviting me into your beautiful home….  Oh and thanks a million for the Magwenya, freshly made and delivered from Soweto… OMG! DEVINE!

Pyramids – In Sudan

On my next visit to Sudan – a month after my first….  I was commissioned to document the JT President’s visit to JTI – Sudan.  With temperatures up to 47 degrees, my client had arranged for me to do some site seeing to the Sudanese Pyramids (who would have thought?)  On arrival at the Pyramids, we headed off on foot – Monem, my tour guide and I…  Well, half way up, my feet were on fire from the heat coming off the sand….  It was almost unbearable.  I had to run into one of the pyramids to get the ‘hot’ off my feet.  Just before our arrival, a bus of Scouts were on the same tour – it was good to be surrounded by little people.  From there, we went to the Royal City ruins and guess who had just arrived to the city – yes, the Scouts…

Again – the heat was just too much for me to handle…  for me to cut a tour short because of the heat, is unheard of… Well – I never…  I was so hot that I was even getting goose bumps….  I thought I may have got a slight case of heat stroke….  I managed to see the Royal Bath and the Sauna (really?  a Sauna) after that – it was Gallas (Arabic for Finished) for me….  Here are some images of the Sudanese people, the Royal City and the Pyramids – next time – I will arrange for a sunset tour.

A special thank you to Mortada, the tour driver who eventually managed to find diesel and getting me safely back to the hotel and to Monem for his special attention to detail on the tour.

Khartoum – Sudan

Well – it’s not like I’m ever going to be going on holiday in Sudan…. so when my client called and said they need a job done in Sudan – I said, WHEN?  I flew via Kenya, with a 5 hour lay over….  arrived in Sudan in the arvies.  I was met by security and was escorted into the VIP holding area, where my VISA was processed.  I was then driven to the Rotana Hotel.  Stunning hotel, 5 minutes drive from the airport.

The head of security of JTI collected me the next morning and off we went on a mini Khartoum tour…. here are some pix of our tour…

Packing the Punches – Hillbrow S.A.

Hillbrow is arguably Joburgs most notorious suburb.  Famous for all the wrong reasons.  But behind a parking lot, sandwiched between high rise apartments, a place of hope can be found.  This is the location of George Khosi’s Hillbrow Boxing Club which was once a petrol station but has subsequently been converted to accommodate a boxing ring outside and a gym with weights and punching bags on the inside.

George, a former professional fighter, opened the place some years ago to give something back to the community in Hillbrow, especially the kids.  By mid-afternoon the gym starts to come alive with activity.  Young and old begin stepping through the creaky entrance door and taking up positions at the weight lifting equipment or ageing exercise bikes.   George helps some youngsters strap up their hands in preparation for a session with the punching bags.  Funds and proper gear are in short supply and so some kids are forced to wear old, oversized and worn out gloves as they pound on the heavy bags in unison.  The infamous Ponte building looms large through the windows of the gym as the kids are taken through the correct techniques of jabbing, hooking and upper cutting.
George’s gym is more than a place where kids come to exercise and hit a bag. It is a place which teaches them discipline and gives them a sense of self-worth; vital tools which are needed in order to survive on the rugged streets of Hillbrow.